Expert: Michigan’s Tick Population Explodes


Caleb had one tick on him after a baseball game, I have had at least two on me – on legs after walking through field and geocaching, and our dog has had two around ears. I thought I was the only one having bad luck with the ticks!

Originally posted on CBS Detroit:

EAST LANSING (WWJ) – They like to bite and burrow under your skin  — and, often, you don’t even know they’re there.

Michigan State University entomologist Howard Russell says the population of ticks is exploding in southeast Michigan.

Why? He’s not sure.

But, Russell said, while he rarely got a call about a tick five years ago, he’s now getting frequent calls about ticks picked up in homeowners’ own backyards.

Russell said they’re American dog ticks, so they don’t carry Lyme disease like deer ticks do.

Still, “With any tick bite, you want to be on alert for any fever or rash that develops,” said Russell. “Because, even the American dog ticks do carry a couple diseases that can be pretty serious, so certainly you want to be on alert…”

Russell said it’s a good idea to check yourself , your children and your pets over carefully for ticks after any…

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